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The "Scared Straight" of Heroin Addiction, now on DVD
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UNION SQUARE is a powerful look into the world of homeless heroin addicts that live in UNION SQUARE PARK in New York City.

Peer into the lives of seven individuals who allowed the cameras to follow and capture their trials and tribulations while living and hustling on the streets of New York City.

UNION SQUARE captures the true and painful essence of addiction and what seven 20-something year-olds will do to maintain a habit that has them trapped in a vicious cycle.

It reveals what they have lost and what they may possibly gain while being inthe grips of one of the most powerful addictive drugs—HEROIN.

Stealing, shelters, hustling, detox and rehab—all is revealed in the in depth documentary.

UNION SQUARE was in theatrical release during the summer of 2004 in many U.S. cities. See the great Reviews! See the trailer!

New material features many film subjects in recovery! Clinical reviews are posted here.

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