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"In Union Square, Szklarski reveals how truly cunning addiction is.
These seven young people are articulate and savvy, pitiful and pitiless all at once,
however, instead of using their talents, their hearts, and their insight to build lives
for themselves -- they are desperately clinging to a heroin habit.
This documentary clearly demonstrates how addiction is a rabid
and progressive disease. A work that tells an addict's truth."
                                       --Kris Van Hoof-Haines
                             Vice President
                                                                                       Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services

"Union Square the documentary is alerting, riveting, and
captures the true decline of drug addiction.  This graphic
documentary portrays the realism of the destructive grip that chemical dependency
imposes on those afflicted. Union Square is one of the best films about addiction
ever made. I highly recommend this film for addiction professionals and those
seeking a lifetime of recovery."

                                                   --Frederick Cohen MA, LCADC, CASAC, CCJP

                                                              Program Director, Samaritan Village, Inc., New  York

"Shocking and Honest.  Union Square truly captures the destruction
of oneself. This is an important film about awareness and the brutal impact
of heroin addiction. I highly recommend it."
                                          --Clare Waismann
                                             Waismann Institute

"Truthful and as real as it gets. Beautifully captures the lives of the individuals who
live on the street. It captures a part of life that is invisible to most of us.
Szklarski is a compassionate filmmaker. It is an important documentary for all to see."
                                                    --Dr. Joel Nathen
                                                           Nabu Medical Services

"Those that are living in the street on heroin are human beings and
Union Square shows the realism of that lifestyle. The film is a testament to what we
need to do as the human race to prevent heroin use and prevent drug abuse behavior
that leads to heroin. It is an honest true-life film about victims of drug abuse."
                                           -- Dana Diamond
                                           Exponents, NYC

"Shocking and horrifying. I recommend it to anyone who cares
about drug prevention. Those in the film reveal their lives with compassion
and honesty and it informs those who want to try these drugs and how it can lead you to
this way of life. The individuals of Union Square  open their hearts
and souls to the lens. If you want a reality wake- up, Union Square delivers it."
                                             --Somerset Council, NJ


"A great documentary that throughout the film compels you to ask yourself:
why would anyone want to try this drug?
The Union Square documentary puts every reality TV show to shame. 
All high school students should see this film as shocking as it is."
                                 --Alan Stevens, Program Director
                    Addiction Care Options
                                                Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

"It documents one of the worst ways of living for a young man
or woman. Union Square is the truth"
                                           Recovery Magazine


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