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Outreach Links
If you are addicted to heroin
or if you know someone who is,
PLEASE see these websites for help!
Many sites contain information on other kinds
of substance abuse. Use Google and Yahoo search also!

Government  Resources

Substance Abuse &
Mental Health Services


HIV/AIDS Information

Project Inform

Needle Exchange Programs by State

Hepatitis Information


Homelessness Info

Other Resources

Sober Recovery

Detox Centers

Heroin Addiction Treatment Centers

American Society of Addiction Medicines

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

The Treatment Directory

Correctional Counseling, Inc.

Betty Ford Center

Comeback Treatment Center (CA)

Greenbriar Treatment Center

Alcohol and Drugs Rehabilitation.com

National Alcohol and
Drug Abuse Call Center

Waismann Institute

Samaritan Village, NYC

Drug Abuse Directory

12-Step Programs

Narcotics Anonymous


Alcoholics Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous

Lesbian/Gay 12 Step Programs - New York

Resources for Social Workers


Coloring Therapy

Buy the movie that documents the nature of heroin addiction
with real homeless people in New York! Thank you.
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