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"Poignant, harrowing portrait of actual kids, all hooked on heroin and on a
treadmill to oblivion, should be seen by everyone."
                                                                     Bobby Cramer,  FILMS IN REVIEW

"Union Square presents one of the most chilling and accurate pictures of
drug addiction in modern America. This is one of the year's best documentaries."
                                                                                      Phil Hall, FILM THREAT

"Union Square
doesn't fall into the trap of romanticizing an outlaw lifestyle."
                                                                                Dave Kehr,  NEW YORK TIMES

"Its unvarnished look at life in the slow lane exerts a hypnotic fascination."
                                                                  Ronnie Schieb,  VARIETY

"Union Square does much to dispel the notion of drug addiction."
                                                                        Laura Sinaga, VILLAGE VOICE

"Szklarski's in your face documentary, Union Square, helps humanize
the nameless and faceless street addicts."
                                                             V.A. Mussetto,  NEW YORK  POST

"Szklarski brings a human dimension to both drug addiction and
homelessness, making these stereotypical symbols of 'urban blight'
more understandable by showing a sympathetic side to society’s 'untouchables.'"
                                                                 Eric Monder FILM JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL

"Union Square is just a simple saga of people, individuals who you might walk
past and never give a second thought to.
But Stephen Szklarski proves that inside every human being is a story."

"The most fascinating supplement is the section called "Union Square Revisited,"
which offers portraits of the eight subjects and where they have gone on to in their lives..."
                                                                        DVD JOURNAL

"Unsettling, gritty documentary forces a closer look at the folks we walk by 
(or step over) every day. A very moving film."
                                                                           DAILY NEWS NY

"Stephen J. Szklarski's rough and raw video documentary strips
all the perceived poetry from heroin abuse in and around New York City's Union Square
  area. Accurate depiction, slow-motion suicide dispelling any illusion of heroin chic."
                                                                     TV GUIDE

"Union Square is vivid and harrowing."
                                                              David Sterritt,  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

"An unflinching and harrowing piece of work, Szklarski
succeeds to make heroin addiction interesting."
                                                                                     MOVING PICTURES

"Spares no feelings as it peels away the harsh truths
of living as a slave to a drug habit."
                                                                       OZUS' WORLD MOVIE REVIEWS

"You’ll watch this film for its journalism, not for its drama."

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